Belispeak (Gold)

by Maxwell Vautour

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She's the kind of bitch on a guest list
take her out with no point of fuckin reference
she got her talents, and her temptress
but her choice of weapon, loaded independance

she got hope on the freeway
she says she hopeful
she wearin black on black, and gold studded toenails
leather pants in 40 degrees centigrade
how the fuck she not disentegrate?

record heat wave
but she so cold
says "fuck basic bitches
gucci's so old"

"gucci mane
ain't the man anymore tho"
she's been told before
don't listen anymore

screamin at the club how she's done
probably too drunk
doin lines off her clutch
she never shut the fuck up
(she said)

she never knew what it was
she want diamonds not love
she want gold not head
she want drugs not bread

Now I ain't sayin she a gold digger

But I am
you never met her, even if you love her
every single night a new face a new scam
a new jam to fuck up to
to fuck love to
to grow hearth in purse, with blow and suck too
she's in the corner of the club with an 8 ball
stuffed in her bra, she wants love she wants nothing

5 am, with her man
another man she met, give a damn
she won't put out, but when the hand hits 9
she'll be out on his dime, then she'll be out on the lam

she doesn't work much. She got her plan
her bank account is too grand
she's probably spending two grand
she's probably snorting two grams


released August 17, 2012
Purity Ring, Maxwell Vautour




Maxwell Vautour Edmonton, Alberta

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